Shifting Challenges in the German Market

Shifting Challenges in the German Market

Striving to Make Germany a Better Place for Investors

For many years, German banker, Christoph Kanzler, has been leading the charge in creating a greater distribution of wealth and equal opportunities for the people of Germany. With so much information to share about the added value of free markets, he believes everyone has a right to become “part of humanity’s greatest success story.” In this episode, Kanzler discusses the hard-won changes in both the mindset and the financial services and opportunities in Germany.

Until the end of 2019, Christoff “The Chancellor” Kanzler held various senior positions in the international financial industry. As a strategic visionary, he creates a new understanding around the topics of investing, saving and capital markets. He works with insurers, banks, wealth managers and investment advisors and is recognized worldwide as a highly experienced and renowned top expert in his industry. Known as the banker who loves people, Kanzler motivates his listeners to recognize the prosperity of free markets and to use them for themselves.

“Everybody has a right to [a share of the riches] since everybody is part of this super successful story which we call free market capitalism.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Christoph’s career started “by accident”
  • How Charles Schwab in the USA influenced a Munich bank
  • The fearful German mindset that needed to shift
  • What was behind the rise of the brokerage industry in the German market
  • What pre-internet investing was like
  • How the internet changed investing
  • Why only the wealthy invested in Germany until the late ’90s
  • How economic crises shaped Kanzler’s career
  • What it took for the German public to understand diversification
  • The challenges caused by a lack of financial literacy in Germany
  • The result of switching from product-driven to index-driven strategies
  • What happened when Kanzler saw active management as a business model
  • The importance of changing the narrative about stock markets
  • His “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”

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