On a Humbling and Priceless Gift

On a Humbling and Priceless Gift

How Following your Heart and Taking Risks can Transform your Life

Millions of people in the world are used to Western privilege with its opportunities, resources, money, and the best medical care. In fact, there can even be a sense of entitlement. Yet millions more are born into a level of poverty that we cannot begin to comprehend. In this episode, Dr. Anthony Coletta shares his powerful story of taking his surgical skills into Haiti since 2007, and how truly transformational this experience has been. 

As a board-certified general surgeon and an experienced healthcare business leader, Anthony V. Coletta, MD, MBA brings an exceptional depth of executive and clinical expertise to Tandigm Health, LLC (“Tandigm”). Since 2007, Dr. Coletta has been traveling to Haiti, performing general surgical procedures alongside others. Following the earthquake of 2010, he has led a team of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals on these missions, traveling to the island annually with medical supplies and performing general and pediatric surgery on hundreds of patients through the years. He is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, President of Blue Sky Surgical Inc., Chairman of the Board of Tandigm Scholars, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Cristo Rey High School.

“I’ve been told by a lot of the people who travel with me to Haiti about how they’ve had to come out of their comfort zone. That’s the part about it not being a dress rehearsal; you gain and grow in ways that you never would have expected.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What prompted Dr. Coletta to volunteer his surgical skills in Haiti
  • The sobering experience on his first day in Haiti that changed everything
  • A look at the shocking medical situation in this tiny impoverished country
  • A common problem that kills Haitian babies and children, and that is an “easy fix” in a wealthy country
  • A look at a ghastly slum by our standards that is “middle class” in Haiti
  • Why that same “slum” became a burial ground for 50,000 people
  • The blessings and challenges of lacking resources, equipment, and even proper electricity in a tiny Haitian “clinic”
  • The extra reason why Dr. Coletta was terrified he would make a mistake and a life would be lost
  • Thirty terrible seconds that led to the creation of Blue Sky Surgical Inc.
  • Why relationships and continuity of care are so important

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