Leading Businesses Through Crisis

Leading Businesses Through Crisis

Four Factors that are Crucial to Protecting your Business

There’s no doubt that the world is experiencing a significant level of stress as it battles Covid-19. Not only are businesses and employees concerned about their financial situations moving forward, there is an added layer of fright about health and the soaring number of global deaths. In this episode, Greg Cleary offers a powerful strategy that shifts stress and helps clients feel more in control, as well as sharing the four essential factors to consider in protecting their businesses as well as your own. 

Greg Cleary is a Leadership Team Coach who specializes in helping companies scale up. With a reputation for results, he is one of the most in-demand, highly respected business coaches in the region. He was one of the first Certified EOS Implementers® and implemented EOS with well over 100 companies before taking his coaching in a different direction. He left the EOS community at the very top, as the #1 EOS implementer measured by number of sessions and revenue. Today, Greg leverages everything he learned as a #1 EOS implementer plus the experience that only comes from partnering with hundreds of leaders to help them remove obstacles and achieve unprecedented success.

“One of the benefits [of the virus] that will come out of it is that the whole world has been forced to hit pause and just breathe and slow down.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • A simple but powerful strategy to decrease stress levels for clients, team, and at home 
  • Examples of ways to step up and make a difference at home, in your business and in the world during this critical time
  • A significant benefit created by the impact of the virus
  • Why your core team members are like matches and what this means to your business
  • The recipe for creating and maintaining a successful team, especially during a crisis
  • How the current situation creates an opportunity to gain momentum
  • Why a “daily huddle” is beneficial for course-correction
  • The benefits of a courtesy call
  • The importance of protecting your vendors and small businesses, which can have a bigger impact than you might think
  • What you can do to ensure that clients and customers view your business in a positive light after a crisis is over
  • How to conserve cash, protect your company and strengthen your brand
  • What you need to do “first and foremost” to protect your business

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