Fly Fishing Edition: George Daniel’s Fly Fishing Journey

Fly Fishing Edition: George Daniel’s Fly Fishing Journey

When Following Your Bliss Leads to a Rewarding Career

When considering how to take care of your financial life and health, it is essential to include your mental and emotional well being, too. One way to achieve this is by having a hobby that allows you to relax and have a complete break from juggling the demands of business and family. In this episode, George Daniel shares the inspiring story of how he turned his childhood passion for fly-fishing into an exciting and rewarding career, as well as its many benefits as a hobby. 

George Daniel grew up fishing Pennsylvania’s Potter County, a remote region filled with wilderness and an abundant brook trout population. By age 21, George had learned from the best anglers in the northeast, including his mentor Joe Humphreys. George earned a spot on Fly Fishing Team USA and remained on the team for 7 seasons, allowing him to learn from world-renowned anglers. His true passion is in fly fishing education. He appears at clubs and fly fishing shows around the country, where he conducts lectures and seminars. He also logs more than 280 days a year on waters near and far. George is currently the director/lead instructor for the Penn State Fly Fishing Program.

“It just gives you so many opportunities to try so many different things, and there’s never a dull moment as long as you kind of mix it up a little bit.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why George became interested in fly-fishing as a boy
  • What inspired him to read everything on the subject that he could find
  • How as a teen, George happened to meet one of his fly-fishing author idols (Joe Humphreys) and got him to take the lad fishing
  • How Joe became George’s mentor and friend
  • How George managed as a teen to hire experts for high-quality instruction on fly-fishing
  • Why in his 20s, he turned down Joe Humphreys’ offer to take over as instructor of the Penn State program
  • Why he wanted to be on Fly Fishing Team USA
  • How years later, his experiences on the team, traveling and competing around the country and internationally were helpful when he accepted the second Penn State offer 
  • How the fly-fishing program is benefiting young people who are preparing for incredibly stressful jobs, such as working for NASA 
  • Why focusing on a tiny insect 20 yards away on the surface of the water is helpful
  • What you need to know before you begin, and before making your first purchase of fly-fishing equipment
  • The one thing that is more important than any equipment you can purchase
  • How it can be helpful to stick to the basics
  • Why it is “your fault” 98% of the time if you’re not catching fish in stable conditions, and what you can do to turn this around
  • Why “catch and release” is so important, and why we need to raise awareness about the issues
  • How changes in the environment impact fishing

Featured on the Show:

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