A Father’s Legacy Lives On

A Father’s Legacy Lives On

A Daughter Honors her Father by Helping Thousands in Need

Non-profit Fred’s Footsteps honors the life and legacy of native South Philadelphian G. Fred DiBona, Jr., a community and business leader known and respected for his generous spirit, big heart, and dedication to others. His daughter, Christine DiBona Lobley, heads up Fred’s Footsteps in raising money to help families with seriously ill, injured or disabled children. In this episode, Christine shares some of the many ways in which the organization has helped thousands of family members, and how it is adapting to numerous changes imposed by COVID-19.

Christine DiBona Lobley is the Executive Director of Fred’s Footsteps, a non-profit that was created in honour of her father, G. Fred DiBona, Jr. A graduate of Lehigh University, previously Christine worked at SEI Investments before losing her father sent her down an entirely different path. She is married and the mother of two children, and when she isn’t busy with Fred’s Footsteps, she pursues her passion for cooking.

“For all the things we missed about him and for all the things we wanted back, the one thing we could keep alive was his legacy for helping families in need.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Fred’s Footsteps came to be 
  • A bit about G. Fred DiBona Jr. (“Fred”) and “the underdog”
  • Fred’s two passions that created the organization’s mission
  • Some of the problems Fred’s Footsteps solves for families
  • The most significant challenge that the organization helps families overcome
  • How the needs of families with chronically ill children differ from those with acutely critical situations
  • Why something as simple as a fence can dramatically change lives
  • How many families have been helped to date
  • The importance of partnering 
  • What happened when the Philadelphia Eagles partnered with Fred’s Footsteps
  • How Covid-19 has impacted Fred’s Footsteps and how the challenges are being met
  • One of the organization’s fundamental principles
  • Two essential ingredients for the success of Fred’s Footsteps
  • One of the organization’s core values regarding donors
  • How the culture at Fred’s Footsteps will help through the next 12-18 months of Covid-related change
  • Why Fred thought that doing good was never enough
  • Fred’s Footsteps’ goals moving forward

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