Saving For College Webinar – Replay

Month: February 2017

February 27, 2017  |  

Saving For College Webinar – Replay

We recently put on a webinar on the subject of Saving For College, where we discussed the costs of college, the various savings vehicles available, how 529 plans work, and financial aid. Thank you to those that attended, we received some great feedback.  For those who were unable to attend, we have a recorded version of the webinar which you can watch on our YouTube channel. Throughout the webinar, I mentioned a number of tools […]


February 12, 2017  |  

Simplicity can pay big dividends in Fishing and Investing

Key Takeaways Whether fishing or investing, don’t get seduced by fancy, but unnecessary new products on the market. Complexity is a formidable enemy for both the fly fisher and the investor. Reducing complexity and cost is the key to success in both endeavors.   There are a bewildering number of choices when you select a mutual fund. According to the Investment Company Institute, there are over 15,000 mutual funds in the United States and there are […]


February 6, 2017  |  

Rule 55: Penalty Free Retirement Withdrawals Prior to Age 59.5?

It has been well documented that the earliest age to begin taking withdrawals from retirement accounts is age 59 ½.  This is the age you are now eligible to withdraw money from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other qualified plans without incurring an early withdrawal penalty. Note: You may still have to pay taxes on the distribution (unless it is a Roth). However, there is a little known loophole in the IRS code called “Rule […]

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