Updated Rules Make Grandparent Owned 529’s More Attractive

Month: September 2015

September 29, 2015  |  

Updated Rules Make Grandparent Owned 529’s More Attractive

Key Takeaways: New tax law change makes grandparent-owned 529 plans more attractive than ever. Grandparent-owned 529 plans can now be used to fund the final two years of college–not just the final year–with no detrimental impact on the grandchild’s financial aid package. Consider all of your college savings options carefully before investing. Don’t hesitate to ask a financial advisor for guidance. We’ve written previously about the advantages of using 529 college savings plans to help […]

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September 22, 2015  |  

My Daughter’s Surprise 18th Birthday Present: Not what she expected, but it will keep on giving

Key Takeaways Once your child turns 18, the law prevents you from making certain important financial decisions on his or her behalf. Purchase basic estate documents for your child: will, durable POA, healthcare POA. Help your child select a credit card (with reasonable limits and rates) to establish a credit history. For further reading on estate planning for your children, see this recent Bloomberg article in which I was featured. I recently asked my daughter, […]

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September 17, 2015  |  

Rainy-weather Investing: A Lesson From a Fishing Adventure

The weather promised to be unpleasant: cold winds with occasional rain. Such conditions are bad news for just about every activity you might want to do during a Yellowstone Park adventure … with the exception of fly fishing. When we arrived at Yellowstone’s Soda Butte Creek parking area, we were the only fishermen there. This did not deter us; in fact, we were pleased by it. Experienced fishermen know that clouds and rain bring newly […]


September 16, 2015  |  

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Key Takeaways:  The purpose of most life insurance policies is to ensure that your loved ones will be financially secure upon your death. Keep the big picture in mind. Instead of using rules of thumb, consider your specific situation and determine an amount that will allow your loved ones to maintain their standard of living. In addition to income replacement, consider other large future expenses you’d like to insure against if you die prematurely.  Normally […]

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September 11, 2015  |  

Scams Affecting Seniors

Key Takeaways Seniors are targeted by criminals for their wealth and naturally polite and trusting nature. Protect yourself by knowing what to avoid. Use your advisor and loved ones to help with decisions. Sam is one of the sharpest 87 year-olds I know.  Several months ago, he was contacted by a cyber-criminal masquerading as a Microsoft tech service employee.  The criminal claimed that Sam’s computer was having problems and the fraudster said he needed to […]

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