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The Independence Advisors LLC Fly Fishing Association is an informal group of clients and friends who share a passion for all things related to fly fishing.

Whether you are just curious about fly fishing or an experienced veteran of the sport and would like to connect with others who share your interests, please contact us. We would be glad to include you in future fly fishing related events.

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Welcome! Learn about the connection between fly fishing and investing.

Resources for Fly Fishing Aficionados

Fly Tying Videos from January 28, 2016 Presentation with Dave Hughes

Tup's Nymph:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

Muddler Daddy:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

All-Fur Wetfly with Bead:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

All-Fur Wetfly:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

Flymph 1:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

flymph 1

Flymph 2:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes

flymph 2

Hughes Anchor Wetfly:
How to Tie with Dave Hughes


Upcoming Events

Dinner & Presentation: Where to Find Great Trout Fishing in Eastern Pennsylvania

January 19, 2017
King of Prussia, PA

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From Our Blog

Rainy-weather Investing: A Lesson From a Fishing Adventure

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All patterns in the videos can be found in Dave Hughes’ book Wet Flies: Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackles, Flymphs, Winged Wets, and All-Fur Wet Flies.

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