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Independence Advisors offers expert, specialized wealth management services and guidance for Anesthesiologists, tailored to address the aspects of your unique career.

Explore some of the helpful resources we've compiled to be most relevant to the Anesthesiologist community.

Featured eBooks

anesthesiologists ebook

Wealth Preservation for Anesthesiologists - UPDATED JANUARY 2017!

In this eBook for anesthesiologists, we present a range of key concepts that we believe you should consider as you address your financial concerns. With this knowledge, you will be in a position to take a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to your financial life and to achieve all that is most important to you financially.

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anesthesiologists ebook

The Anesthesiologist’s Guide to Investment Risk and Reward

In this eBook for anesthesiologists, we address the top financial concern for most successful medical professionals: analyzing the relationship between risk and return.

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Early Career Planning


Starting Out Checklist

Provides a detailed list of Financial Planning considerations for the early stage physician.

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Basic Retirement Planning

Twelve-page document covering the basics of retirement planning, from determining your retirement income need to specific savings vehicles.

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Mortgage or Invest

Brief discussion evaluating the decision whether to pay off your mortgage or invest for retirement, education, or some other goal.

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Nearing Retirement


Nearing Retirement Checklist

Provides a detailed list of Financial Planning considerations for the early stage physician.

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Deciding When to Retire

Specific considerations for helping you decide when and how to retire.

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Reaching Retirement – Now What?

That day you have been working and planning for has finally come. Review these guidelines to ensure that you take the right steps.

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General Topics


Asset Review Spreadsheet

Enter your investment assets in this spreadsheet to see what percentage of your portfolio is made up of large cap stocks, small cap stocks, international stocks, etc.

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Net Worth Statement

Determine your net worth by entering your assets and liabilities on this spreadsheet.

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Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

What is financial planning? What steps are in the process? What professionals are involved?

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For Your Viewing


Do Winners Keep Winning?

Comparing past performance to subsequent performance of 'winning' equity funds.

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The Capital Asset Pricing Model

Describing the model developed by William Sharpe, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990.

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Precision In Portfolios

Analyzing the traditional Consulting Style Box against the Three-Factor Model, which measures the total portfolio by factors that determine risk and expected return.

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Recommended Reading


        Here is a list of books on managing your wealth that we recommend you read.

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