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Our first priority is to get to know you personally, to gain a holistic understanding of your financial picture, so we can intelligently tailor a plan to your individual needs.

The only way we can help you be a good steward of your wealth, reach your goals and improve society is by learning your personal priorities, family circumstances, and ultimate financial ambitions. Through our unique consultative approach, we build lasting relationships that continually guide the recommendations and choices we make about your wealth.

You'll experience the Independence Wealth Management Process in stages.

wealth management process

initial discovery meeting

Initial Discovery Meeting

WEEK 1: Your initial meeting is an interview, so we can learn what’s most important about you. We examine your current situation and your most important goals.


investment plan meeting

Investment Plan Meeting

WEEK 2: At this meeting, you'll learn how we see your current situation and what investments we recommend to help you reach your goals. This plan forms the foundation for our work together.


mutual commitment meeting

Mutual Commitment Meeting

WEEK 3: At this meeting, you decide with us whether our firm is right for you. If we both choose to work together, we commit to working together toward achieving everything that is important to you and your family. We also sign documents to put your investment plan into motion.


45 day follow up meeting

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

WEEK 9: You won't feel overwhelmed by paperwork when you work with us, even if you have multiple investment accounts. At this meeting, we help you organize all that paperwork. We also answer questions, so that you understand exactly what is happening with your money.


regular progress meeting

Regular Progress Meeting

EVERY 90 DAYS: You'll meet with us at intervals that are convenient for you. This gives us an opportunity to make adjustments based on major changes in your personal or financial situation since our previous meeting. At your first Regular Progress meeting, we'll present our firm's wealth management plan based on our earlier information-gathering. Then, together, we'll prioritize the plan topics of greatest importance to you, so we can begin to address them systematically. We also review your progress toward your long-term financial goals.


Throughout this process, we collaborate with a team of carefully selected outside experts to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation and devise comprehensive solutions designed to help you achieve all that is important to you. Our wealth management network in includes Accountants, Estate Attorneys, Risk Managers, and Charitable Advisors.

Always Expect Objective Advice.

When you work with Independence Advisors, you'll know that your best interests are being upheld. As a fee-only advisor, we make decisions tailored to address the breadth of your financial goals, and build plans with your personal success in mind.

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Evidence-Based Investment Insights

evidence based investment insights

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We'll help you learn how to invest with greater confidence – with evidence, not emotion, guiding your way.